iWeb to WordPress Exporter

If you currently have your website/blog in Apple’s iWeb, you best be making plans to move it to a new web platform.  Of course this platform being WordPress.  This post is for users who have a website/blog that has been created in iWeb and are looking for a solution to move their site.  Many people have been blogging with iWeb and using the MobileMe comments to bring discussion to their blog.  Well, Apple has announced that they will be removing the MobileMe publishing service directly aimed at those iWeb users who currently use MobileMe as a publishing platform.  That means that the iWeb users need to find a new home for their website/blog created in iWeb. Not only do iWeb users need to find a new host, but perhaps a whole new web platform because it seems that iWeb will unfortunately not be developed any further by Apple. So we realize the problem and see that we need to move iWeb to a different web platform such as WordPress.  Well the solution comes from Rage Software.  Rage Software has recently released some software that will do just that.  It will convert your iWeb site content ready to import into WordPress.  This is big because as soon as MobileMe goes away, so will all your comments that were posted on MobileMe as well.  So this is a great tool to save all that content and move it to the WordPress.

Here’s a video on how it works:

You can learn more about it by clicking here:

Visit Rage Software iWeb to WordPress Page



  • Nancy

    Very nice, i suggest webmaster can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

    • iJason

      Coming soon!

  • Rodrigo Hernández Artiach

    Hi iJason
    I have one question for you. Can I create a web site in wordpress whit a theme created in iweb?????

    • Jason White

      No this is more to export the content from your iWeb site to WordPress. It would be pretty amazing is someone where to develop software that worked and functioned like iWeb, but then exported as a WordPress Theme. I’m talking to you software developers.